Whatsapp gold Abu Arab all versions of gold

Whatsapp gold Abu Arab all

Definition of golden watt v9.00

The new Watts Plus is easier and better than before, since the Watts Blue Plus version is available in gold and is available for all Android mobile phones. You can download the new Samsung Watts and download the Blue Apple iPhone through this site at the bottom and download the Wattsplus Plus for Android which you can Find out what is going on in the watspace through it and what you are looking for Download Watts Ab Golden and you can also through Watts Ab Plus hide the last appearance and link Wats Plus, which you will find below this article and download Watts AP Plus from the site of Abu Arab, which develops the Watts program The Golden Abbey which we will put Link WattsPlace Plus download for Android at the bottom of the topic and a lot of Arab users are looking to download the Golden Watt and there is a lot of MM version that carries the golden color developed by many developers, but Watts Ababi Golden Abu Arab is the best version ever since it is old and does not contain Watts download Golden on any annoying ads that slow down Wattasab and Wattab Abu Arab or so called Watts Plus Golden 2018 version which you can download and 
download Plus Plus Plus Plus Download

The most prominent new features of WTSAB Abu Arab all versions of gold, red and blue

Updated to version 2.27.427

  • Contains new Facebook account
  • The Internet can only log in to prevent messages from being accessed while opening the Internet
  • New option 5.6 to make video in 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds
  • The group admin name has been added next to the admin number in the groups
  • New Option 2.7.7 To change the floating button size
  • New Option 2.7.8 To move the floating button to the right or left of the screen
  • New hourly stickers
  • New option 2.1.10 where you can hide the icon of the Internet disconnected from the account
  • A new feature lets you notify your contacts when you change your number
  • Administrators can control group settings (will be activated soon)
  • He became a German speaker
  • Solve a problem sending messages to an unsaved number
  • Solving the problem of working option number 6.2 when receiving multiple images (album)
  • Solve the problem of option 6.11 in some of the devices that found the bugs
  • Solve the problem of the collapse of the genealogy when opening a conversation that did its privacy
  • Resolve the problem of failure (playback of this video) in some detected devices
  • Fix status bar colors when you select Message / Conversation
  • Repairs and other improvements