Download Watasab Abu Arab Red

Download Watasab Abu Arab Red 

After the big uproar in the social networking sites, it turns out that many brothers suffer from the suspension of their account on the modified Watsab program, so my brothers have made an updated and updated version and accept the update through the site of Abu Arab or Golden Wats site and this version provides all the advantages of Wattab Plus Abu Saddam, Ktalk, Watasab JB and Watasab Omar Baheeb, where the copy is also a copy that does not contain any annoying ads or your phone may look like this is a copy of Wattab Plus Abarab all colors Wassab Abu Arab version or copy Wattab Abu Arab Alhambra or Copy and Abu Arab blue calculating of the best copies of the modified WhatsApp and characterized by urban bypass where Amattabr use and there is no security problems and are compatible with many devices that are running Android version and accepts all work on modern Algelxi Walnut devices.

Watasab Abu Arab Red

Unfortunately, iPhone carriers do not have the support of Watsab Golden for the iPhone, where they can not install it, but iPhone users can use Wattab Blue developed, which we will publish in an upcoming article, God willing, Wattasab Plus modified for iPhone without Gelberik will explain how to install it and if he The developer Abu Arab to issue a version of the Golden Wattsab for iPhone we will publish immediately so I love you can now download the red wats from the bottom of the article

 The Red Watsab features many features, including some of them

  • Completely free of ads
  • Supports visibility
  • You can download and copy cases
  • You can send group messages
  • Supports not deleting messages
  • You can find out who is watching you on the watsp
  • You can send pictures in real size
  • You can post video cases of up to eight minutes
  • You can delete messages sent by mistake


 There are many features that can not be mentioned in my classroom, but I would highly recommend using this wonderful account that Brother Abu Arab is constantly improving and developing and has 
a large base of users who enjoy all privacy options.